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Vectors, we hope you'll be inspired to use the pdfs below. Tell your local paper or radio station about Broadsided—you are the story. You're a local part of an international experiment:
About Broadsided (pdf)
About the Editors & Artists (pdf)
Sample Cover Letter (doc)


Utne Reader Sept/Oct, 2010: the P&W article about Broadsided.
April, 2010 Poets & Writers: "Open Air Publishing"
Poet's Market 2010: Elizabeth Bradfield is interviewed in an article on West Coast publishers.
June 2008 Prick of the Spindle article/interview by Jennifer Garfield
July 2007 Salka (English translation at this page).
• July 2006 Poets and Writers

Before paperbacks and pocket books, before blogs, there were broadsides.

Every day, we walk past billboards for shops and car dealers, for churches and insurance, but our streets, our daily lives among each other, are missing something. They're missing thought. Dialogue. Opinion. Ideas.

Let's put words out there for people to snort at, sigh over, argue with, and read. Let's put up broadsides.


On the first of every month, a new Broadsided literary/visual collaboration will be posted here for you to download.

What's more, Vectors (this could be you!) will post them in cafes, hallways, and elsewhere. See where Vectors are posting and add your town.

Writing is chosen through submissions sent to Broadsided. Artists allied with Broadsided are emailed the selected writing. They then "dibs" what resonates for them and respond visually.

The resulting letter-sized pdf is designed to be downloaded and printed by anyone with a computer and printer.

Our goal is to create something both gorgeous and cheap.

We want to put words and art on the streets.


Loosely defined as single sheets of paper printed on one side, broadsides were the most diverse form of brief, single-occasion publishing before the Civil War. Although broadsides were first introduced in England, they became a prime means of communication in the United States.

Announcements, advertisements, song lyrics, commentaries, cartoons, and poems were printed and posted in towns across the nation. Later, Harlem Renaissance, Concrete, and Beat writers claimed the broadside as a below-the-radar way to get their words out onto the streets.

We want to continue the tradition.


Broadsided is a proud member of the
Council of Literary Magazines and Presses


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