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Broadsided artists come to this project through a love of collaboration. Graphic designers, sculptors, painters, photographers, and artists of every sort are represented. They are a special breed.

Selected for the quality and range of their work, they are key collaborators in the project that is Broadsided, because once Broadsided artists have "Dibsed" a piece of writing selected for publication, they create a response without any input from the editors.

The 31 Broadsided artists are talented, interesting, and diverse. Meet them:

Yuko Adachi is a Tokyo-born artist who was raised in Japan, Paris, London, and the United States of America. She has been painting since she was a little girl and has been showing her works through solo and selected group shows internationally. Her painting was featured for the cover of Artscope, New England's Cultural Magazine (May/June 2007) and Takara Magazine, the Japanese Culture and Information Magazine in New England (2007 issues). In 2007, her work was awarded best in painting for "Healing Power of Art" by Manhattan Art International. Today, she lives and works in Boston. In 2010, she opened an artist studio store, "Planet MOMEKO," in Rpckport, MA.
-Broadsided Publications- 1/1/09: "The Dry Tortugas"; 7/1/10: "Replying to SubPrefect Zhang"; 6/1/11: "Responses: For & From Japan" (2 pieces)

Kate Baird lives in Springfield, MO. She is a painter and works as teaching artist with Placeworks, an arts outreach program for rural schools. Her work can be seen at
-Broadsided Publications- 3/1/06: "Epithalamion"; 6/1/06: "Mathematician Watching the Moths at an All-Night Gas Station"; 10/1/06: "Forgiveness"; 1/1/07: "Eros"; 11/1/07: "Bird's Eye" (selected for The Switcheroo II); 12/1/07: "Visitation"; 10/1/08: "Dear Wallet"; 11/1/09: "Interstate" (selected for The Switcheroo VI); 1/1/10: "One Lineage of Ice, Ravened"; 1/1/11: "2010 Haiku Year-in-Review (Summer)"; 12/1/12: "Majestic Prayers of Bangor"

Eva Barash received a BA and BFA in printmaking from the University of Washington in 1998. She now lives in Brooklyn, New York where she teaches "artistic" yoga classes ( to those in need of a little untangling.
-Broadsided Publications- 12/15/05: "Green"; 8/1/07: "Roulade"

Jim Benning ( is a photographer/designer living in Anchorage, Alaska using images to show how he sees things, places and people that ignite his curiosity. He says: "Interesting images go beyond the initial pull of the visual and instigate contemplation of attraction and response over a longer time. As a member of the board for the Alaska Photographic Center I work to bring photographers to Alaska to share their photographic vision and inspiration with the local community."
-Broadsided Publications- 9/1/06: "Insurance Man 1946"; 7/1/07: "Collected Fragments Detailing Your Journey"; 1/1/08: "Canned Food Drive"; 8/1/09: "Interview: Antique Iron Bed"; 4/1/11: "No Diving"

Jennifer Bevill ( I grew up in Tornado Alley in northern Alabama, where the dirt really is red and the landscape flat and ugly. My grandmothers and great-grandmothers shaped my sensibility. I grew up in a world of strange southern women visiting in kitchens, making weekly trips to the cemetery for fun and to the 5 & 10 for paint-by-number sets. Today, I live in Brooklyn with my family. After graduating from Parson's School of Design, getting an master's from Teacher's College, and working as a teaching artist in the Guggenheim Museum's Learning Through Art program, my work remains rooted in my southern childhood and twisted by a dark humor.
-Broadsided Publications- 7/1/09: "The Space Traveler and Wandering"; 12/10/10: Emily Dickinson Tribute

Anne Bradfield lives in Seattle and owns a floral design studio ( With a background in printmaking and an appreciation for good reads, she thinks broadsides capture the best of both worlds.
-Broadsided Publications- "When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer"; 1/1/06: "Nineteen Thirty-Four"; 3/15/06: "The Ladies' Man"

Undine Brod earned a MFA from The Ohio State University in 2011 and a BFA in Ceramics and a BA in Interdisciplinary ARt from the University of Washington in 1998. Undine examines and manipulates identity using animal, human and childhood forms within the framework of dreams, fantasy, wonder and loss. Her primary medium is clay which she combines with found objects of domestic origins. Currently she lives and works in Rhinebeck, New York and travels to attend residences, give presentations and teach. View more of her work at
-Broadsided Publications- 4/1/06: "A Coat"; 8/1/08: "Ghazal for the Woman from Vitez"

Caleb Brown, a storydrawer, lives in north west central Massachusetts with his wife, twin boys and a big black dog named Pickles. Caleb has spent much of his professional life practicing information architecture and software interface design, striving always to make experiences more humane or understandable or interesting. More at
-Broadsided Publications- 8/1/06: "Mouth"; 5/1/07: "Third Crescent Moon (After Ritsos)"; 5/1/09: "Snowshoe to Otter Creek"; 1/1/11: "2010 Haiku Year-in-Review (Winter)"; 1/1/12: "2011 Haiku Year-in-Review (Spring)"; 8/1/13: "Where bushes periodically burn, children fear other children: girls"; 1/1/14: "2013 Haiku Year-in-Review (Spring)"

Karen Cappotto works in oil and collage, giving both evidence of the hand through layering, scratching, and drawing across the surface compositions. Karen studied at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Boston College, and Manchester College at Oxford University. She lives and paints on Cape Cod.
-Broadsided Publications- 4/1/15: "Pepsi"

Artist Douglas Culhane works in sculpture and drawing. He has exhibited in New York and New England. See more of his work at
-Broadsided Publications- 7/1/06: "Edison in Love"; 9/15/06: "In the Library of the Fairy Tale"; 7/1/08: "Neighborhood Watch"; 9/1/09: "Yard work"; 9/1/10: "Extirpation"; 11/1/12: "April and Silence"; 1/2/14: "It Is"; 10/1/14: "Handkerchief"

Maura Cunningham is a Boston based visual artist. Using a variety of media, her work is an exploration of perception, memory, time and the varying states of consciousness that influence our experiences.
-Broadsided Publications- 10/1/13: "Ghazal 17"; 1/1/14: Responses: Typhoon Haiyan "A Typhoon Blues"; 5/1/14: "Disappear"; 12/1/14: Responses: Ebola "Hands Make Their Movements"

Artist TC Epperson is a woman of leisure living in Honolulu, Hawaii with her Air-Force-officer husband and their three children. She occupies herself by reading, writing, drawing and teaching English Composition.
-Broadsided Publications- 10/15/06: "The Whipping Woman"

Anya Ermak-Bower earned a graphic / interior design degree in Russia. She works with a wide variety of mediums, enjoys sculpture and experimental arts. She reflects on her life experiences through visual arts while raising her sons in Alaska.
-Broadsided Publications- 5/1/06: "Sketch of an Astronaut"; 11/15/06: "joe"; 4/1/07: "Dishes" (selected for The Switcheroo); 10/1/07: "Learning History in Nursery School"; 10/1/10: "Mooring Stones"; 9/1/13: "Confession Concerning the Ocean"

Artist Julie Evanoff is a Brooklyn based artist who works in drawing, painting and video animation. She exhibited recently at: Gallery Niklas Belenius, Stories real and vividly imagined, Stockholm, Sweden; Hallways, Brooklyn, NY. Her animations screened in video festivals: 2k5 Video Festivall; City Without Walls, Juried Video Festival. She received her MFA from Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University. She was awarded the Geraldine Dodge Grant from The Women's Studio Workshop and the Vermont Studio Center. She received the Paul Robeson Emerging Artist Award from Rutgers University. Of her work, she says, "I create environments in which human and animal characters from disparate times and cultures interact socially. Using sources ranging from Jungian philosophy to classical myth to images from popular culture, I question what happens when mismatched archetypes cross paths in disjointed landscapes. Erasure, fragmentation, juxtaposition, and revision are key elements to all forms of my work."
-Broadsided Publications- 4/1/10: "Ex Ovo Omnia" (Selected for the Switcheroo"

Cheryl Gross has an MFA in New Forms from Pratt. She writes: "When asked about my work, I always equate it with creating an environment transforming my inner thoughts into reality. Much like an architect or urban planner, that reality and humor becomes the foundation of the work. Beginning with the physical process, I work in layers. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, my urban influence has indeed added an "edge" to my work. Coming from a totally vertical and intense environment, I now live in Jersey City, NJ."
-Broadsided Publications- 6/1/09: "In Livingston Parish, Dreaming of Li Po"; 5/1/10: "Composition 101"; 1/1/11: "2010 Haiku Year-in-Review (Spring)"; 6/1/11: "Responses: For & From Japan"; 11/1/11: "Red House, Indiana"; 5/1/12: "Cost Benefit" (selected for The Switcheroo); 1/1/13: "2012 Haiku Year-in-Review (Summer)"; 1/1/14: Responses: Typhoon Haiyan "That Which Binds Us"

Ira Joel Haber was born and lives in Brooklyn New York. He is a sculptor, painter, book dealer and teacher who sometimes writes poetry and movie reviews. His work has been seen in numerous group shows both in USA and Europe and he has had 9 one-man shows including several retrospectives of his sculpture. His work is in the collections of New York University, The Guggenheim Museum, The Whitney Museum, The Hirshorn Museum & The Albright-Knox Art Gallery. In 2004 he received The Adolph Gottlieb Foundation grant. Currently he teaches art at the United Federation of Teachers Retiree Program in Brooklyn. (View Ira's Work)
-Broadsided Publications- 12/1/06: "The undeniable desire for physical contact among boys of a certain age"; 3/1/07: "Circus"; 9/1/07: "January Elegy"; 6/1/08: "Under Construction"; 3/1/10: "Dear Body"; 2/1/11: "Botanical Garden"; 5/1/11: "The Company of Weeds"; 6/1/11: "Responses: For & From Japan"; 4/1/12: "Delivering to the Client"; 11/1/13: "The Seahorse Motel"; 1/1/14: Responses: Typhoon Haiyan "Glass Walls Do Not a Barrier Make"; 8/1/14: "Dear Atom Bomb,"; 12/1/14: Responses: Ebola "Ebola"

Andrew Harbison is a librarian and a human.
-Broadsided Publications- 2/15/06: "Goldfish are Ordinary"

Jen P. Harris (Hudson, NY) is a conceptual/representational visual artist working in painting and works on paper. She received her MFA in Painting from Queens College CUNY and her BA in Art from Yale. Her work has been included in numerous solo and group shows in New York and elsewhere; recent exhibition venues include the Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation and Gallery 151 (New York, NY); the Rockland Center for the Arts (West Nyack, NY); the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts (Wilmington). Her works on paper were recently selected to be included in The Drawing Center's Viewing Program.
-Broadsided Publications- 12/10/10: Emily Dickinson Tribute

Stacy Isenbarger is an artist, professor, mover, and shaker. She justifies this with the following: Stacy's creative pursuits include sculpture, installation, & mixed-media drawings. More on this can be found at She teaches Art + Design at the University of Idaho in Moscow, ID. She received her BFA at Clemson University & her MFA at the University of Georgia where a professor fondly referred to her as a "hamster on speed." Michigan born, South Carolina raised, and Appalachian Tennessee adopted, she now finds herself attempting to make the Northwest United States home. When she's not working or making—and sometimes when she is—she's usually dancing. She finds that the act continuously validates her joy of creative community collaborative space.
-Broadsided Publications- 2/1/13: "Landing Under Water I See Roots"; 7/1/13: "Spring Is Here"; 2/1/15: "Another Elegy"

Lochlann Jain is a professional anthropologist.
-Broadsided Publications- 2/1/10: "Replacing the Window, Downtown Medford"; 1/1/13: "2012 Haiku Year-in-Review (Winter & Spring)"

Helen Beckman Kaplan is a painter from Brooklyn who was educated at Rhode Island School of Design, Tyler School of Art, Indiana University and Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. She has been a resident at Yaddo and Millay Colony, and has exhibited her work in New York at AC Project Room and Edward Thorp Gallery. She likes animals and long walks on the beach.
-Broadsided Publications- 3/1/08: "Mayflies"; 11/1/08: "Empire"; 2/1/09: "From a Lighthouse Keeper"

Meghan Keane is a painter and printmaker. Recent projects include a solo exhibition and feature documentary film, "PROJECT NIHON / sustainable art travel," in Tokyo, Japan and a three person show in Quito, Ecuador. Keane is the founding director of ( She is also currently a teaching artist at Kentler International Drawing Space and a visiting alumni artist at the Brooklyn College art department printshop.
-Broadsided Publications- 12/1/10: "As Any Approaching Might Smile and Stop"; 12/10/10: Emily Dickinson Tribute; 9/1/11: "Dear Johnny"; 3/1/12: "The Ringmaster Answers the Phone"; 7/1/12: "Matches; 11/1/12: "Lexiconography 1; 6/1/13: "The Glass Images"; 3/1/15: "Almost Spring"

Christoph Keller was born and raised in St. Gallen, Switzerland. He is the author of numerous plays, essays anthologies and novels, including I'd Like My Country Flat (Ich hätte das Land gern flach), which won the international Lake Constance Prize, and The Best Dancer (Der Beste Tänzer), a memoir concerning his diagnosis with Spinal Muscular Atrophy and subsequent dependence on a wheelchair, which was awarded the 2004 Zurich Kantonalbank Schiller Prize and the 2006 Puchheim Readers' Prize. Keller's photographs have been shown in New York, and he often collaborates with artists, for example, providing text for Ingrid Tekenbroek (Der Sitzgott, 1994), Oliver Krähenbühl (Einige vertraute Dinge, 2003, and Daily News, 2009) and Aris Kalaizis (Making Sky, 2009). Keller is currently working on his first novel in English, River Madness. He is married to the American poet Jan Heller Levi and lives in New York.
-Broadsided Publications- 6/1/11: "Indigenous"

Michele L'Heureux is an artist and curator from Waltham, Mass. She is director of the Beard and Weil Galleries at Wheaton College in Norton, Mass. She is currently taking a year-long sabbatical to draw and cook throughout the US and Portugal. Check out her work at
-Broadsided Publications- 12/1/13: "Hockey Poem"; 1/1/15: "The Owls"

Amy Meissner is an illustrator, writer, textile artist and mother to two young children in Anchorage, Alaska. She recently finished illustrating her 12th children's book and her textile work is in the permanent collection at the Anchorage Museum. The writing gets squeezed in between the loads of laundry.
-Broadsided Publications- 2/1/06: "The Gift"; 4/15/06: "Paying the Bills"; 8/1/12: "Stop Doing That"; 11/1/12: "April och tystnad"; 4/1/14: "The Second Fallacy"; 6/1/14: "Monkey"; 12/1/14: Responses: Ebola "To Weeping"

Kevin Morrow is a native of Wisconsin who received his BFA in sculpture from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2003. Soon thereafter, he received his MFA degree from the University of Auckland, New Zealand where he studied in the Contemporary Maori Department (Te Toi Hou). Upon completion, Morrow returned to the U.S. to live and work in Austin, Texas where he spent a year or so concentrating on earthworks. Morrow now lives and works in New York. Images of other work at
-Broadsided Publications- 9/1/08: "Open"; 4/1/09: "Collective Origins as Ulysses/Uxoria; 11/1/10: "Aphasia"; 6/1/11: "Responses: For & From Japan"; 10/1/11: "Searching for Poems on Grief"; 1/1/12: "2011 Haiku Year-in-Review (Fall)"; 1/3/14: "This is life"

Jennifer Moses is a painter living in Boston. She is also a professor of art at the University of New Hampshire where she is Chair of the Department of Art and Art History. She was educated at Bennington College, Tyler School of Art, Indiana University and Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. She has exhibited her work throughout New England, and is a member of the Kingston Gallery in Boston. She is one of the 2010-2011 recipients of a yearlong residency at the Roswell Artist Residency Program in Roswell New Mexico, and a resident at Yaddo in May/June 2012. More at
-Broadsided Publications- 11/1/10: "Aphasia"; 1/1/11: "2010 Haiku Year-in-Review (Fall)"; 1/1/12: "2011 Haiku Year-in-Review (Summer)"; 2/1/13: "Landing Under Water I See Roots"; 10/1/13: "Heart with Park and Children"

A. F. Norling ( "I am 35 years old, married, with a young daughter and two dogs of questionable breeding. I have lived in Maine for the majority of my life and enjoy it thoroughly in the late spring, summer and early fall. My history includes growing up on a working farm, giving my poor parents an amazing amount of grief, and reluctantly attending various grade schools. Eventually, I found my niche at the Rhode Island School of Design. I'm a professional daydreamer and my artwork is dictated by emotion."
-Broadsided Publications- 5/1/08: "Meditation on the Treason of His Body"; 5/1/09: "Advice to Women on the Graveyard Shift"; 8/1/10: "Rosary Catholic Church

Se Thut Quon lives in Kentucky.
-Broadsided Publications- 12/10/10: Emily Dickinson Tribute; 8/1/11: "Certain, Impossible, Likely"; 2/1/12: "Omnivore"; 10/1/12: "Pescados de Pesadillas"

Janice Redman is a sculptor, beekeper, and mother who lives on Cape Cod. A former fellow of the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, she shows at Clark Gallery in Lincoln, Massachusetts and her work is in the permanent collection of the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum.
-Broadsided Publications- 9/1/14: "To You and For You"

Kara Searcy is a multi-media artist from Iowa. When she isn't wandering the grassy prairie with her daughter she can probably be found eating an apple or teaching the dog to play dead when she yells "Bang!" Examples of her work can be found at She loves constellations, Jesus, and the word "ricochet."
-Broadsided Publications- 12/1/11: "Tile Drainage"; 1/1/12: "2011 Haiku Year-in-Review (Winter)"; 6/1/12: "Bereavement Dinner"; 2/1/13: "Dear Corporation, Early Years to Present"; 5/1/13: "Matthew 7"; 12/1/14: "Wyoming"

Lisa Sette lives and works on Cape Cod.
-Broadsided Publications- 1/15/06: "Last Meal: Photographs"; 5/15/06: "And Day Brought Back My Night"; 6/1/07: "The Car Covenant"; 12/1/08: "Late"; 6/1/10: "At the Christmas Party for the Infectious Diseases"; 10/1/13: "Ghazal 17"; 10/1/14: "Mammaraq (Innuŋŋuuraq)" / "The Doll (A Pretend Person)"

Elizabeth Terhune received her MFA from Hunter College and her BA from Oberlin College. She was the recipient of a Yaddo Fellowship in 1998. She has exhibited widely throughout the United States. Her most recent shows include a two-person show at Feast Gallery in Saratoga Springs, NY, a four-person show at Metaphor Contemporary Art in Brooklyn, NY, and a one-person exhibition at the Lake George Arts Project, Lake George, NY. You can view some of her work online at, and selected works in the Pierogi Gallery Flat Files, Brooklyn, NY, as well as through the Drawing Center's Online Viewing Program Artist Registry. She teaches painting and drawing at the 92nd Street Y and at NYU's School of Continuing and Professional Studies in New York City. In addition, this summer she will be teaching intermediate/advanced oil painting at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY (website). She lives in upper Manhattan with her husband, the poet Mark Sullivan (author of Slag).
-Broadsided Publications- 11/1/06: "Mahogany"; 2/1/07: "Snow Over Shaver's Fork"; 2/1/08: "The Prosthetic"; 4/1/08: "Among Trees (or) The Heart is a Bee Hive"; 3/1/09: "In Our Time"; 12/1/09: "Wreckage: By Sea (i)"; 12/1/10: "As Any Approaching Might Smile and Stop"; 12/10/10: Emily Dickinson Tribute; 7/1/11: Harvest City; 7/1/11: Station

Gabe Travis is an artist who makes a living designing and building hiking trails throughout Alaska. He has been making art on commission for about eight years and producing fine art notecards featuring these works (available at In February 2009, Gabe spent a month in residence at the Vermont Studio Center working with mixed-media and paint and breathing new life into his studio practice.
-Broadsided Publications- 10/1/09: "Some Things I Know Without the Field Guide"; 3/1/11: "Critique of Pure Reason"; 4/1/13: "Wu Wei"; 5/1/13: "Mixed Media"

Sarah Van Sanden lives in Seattle, where she takes every opportunity to relish in urban nature. She has studied visual art, botany and design and makes her living designing and building landscapes. In her spare time she works on various creative projects with plants and plant materials.
-Broadsided Publications- 9/1/12: "Dhanaivi at 16 in the South Bronx"; 1/1/13: "2012 Haiku Year-in-Review (Fall)"; 7/1/14: "A Poem by Brian McGuigan"


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